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Roman Chamomile floral water

The Roman Chamomile floral water is very gentle!

Chamomile resembles a small daisy flower and it evokes the south and warm sunshine.

There are two varieties that are principally cultivated. The German chamomile which has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties, but it is the Roman chamomile, calming and soothing, that is the most frequently used in cosmetics.

The use of the roman chamomile hydrolat is much easier that the use of its Essential Oil. As a reminder, a hydrolat corresponds to the water that was used to distill the plant in order to obtain its EO. It is only weakly charged of aromatic molecules.


  • Calming and relaxing: it regulates emotions to favour relaxation in cases of stress and anxiety. It also allows an improvement in sleep quality and helps to prevent crises of anxiety and nervousness. It has a sedative action.
  • Anti-inflammatory: it is very effective in treating irritation of the eyes, sunburn, eczema and all types of itches. At an internal level, it can have an effect on intestinal inflammation for example.
  • Analgesic: it soothes various pains in babies, such as teething pain or colic, but also in adults, especially in cases of migraine or skin irritation.
  • Antispasmodic: by fighting against involuntary spasms of the body, the Roman Chamomile hydrolat allows to ease certain digestive and nervous problems.
  • Soothes redness and light irritations of the skin: very good anti-inflammatory, it calms sensitive skin after an allergic reaction. It is effective on all skin types, even those that are very fragile such at the skin of babies.
  • Purifies the skin and gives it a better tone: astringent and re-balancing properties.


Roman Chamomile floral water is destressing

Soothing for the skin, chamomile is also soothing for the mind. Rich in esters, it has a sedative action and regulates the central nervous system. When using its hydrolat, its action is lighter, but the soothing feeling is very real. It diminishes stress crises very effectively and almost directly after using it.

  • 1 to 2 teaspoons in a dish or in a drink (glass of water, fruit juice for example)
  • Spray it on your pillow to spend a gentle night.


Roman Chamomile floral water is very gentle on the skin

Anti-inflammatory and soothing, it attenuates redness, burns and swelling of the skin. It works on all levels (dermis, epidermis and mucous) and limits the reactions that occur after an aggression. You should use it as a cure for about 3 weeks. Its gentleness can also treat an important part of the body.

Reminder: the Roman variety is used in many cosmetic products for its soothing benefits, whereas German chamomile is anti-allergy. This is why it is used in facial care and for sensitive skins: it softens the epidermis, limits the symptoms of discomfort and relaxes tension, especially the one caused by a hyper cutaneous reaction.

Thanks to its high concentration in flavonoids, it possesses calming and anti-inflammatory qualities: it helps in attenuating itches. It is very effective in calming skin allergies such as eczema, psoriasis, hives and also dental pain.

  • As a spray on clean, dry skin.
  • Make a face mask by mixing it with pink or white clay.
  • Dab it on your face with a swab of cotton as you would for a lotion.
  • For babies, pour two or three tablespoon of chamomile floral water in the bath water. In addition to being relaxing, their skin will be even softer!
  • As a compress on sunburn areas.

If you suffer for eye irritation or have swollen eyes, you can apply it on your eyelids in a compress soaked in chamomile floral water.

Roman Chamomile floral water for shiny hair

It has been for a long time a very prized ingredient of hair products for people with light-coloured hair. This is why it is found in so many shampoos as it highlights long hair, brings shine to dull hair and heightens blondness in light-coloured hair. Thanks to its yellow centre that contains apigenin (a colouring agent), the chamomile hydrolat used in the final rinse after a shampoo, will lighten and revive golden hints in the hair. It is also useful for people with very fine hair as it helps keep hair accessories from sliding away in thinner hair.



If you have blond or light-brown hair:

  • Add 2 tablespoon to your normal shampoo
  • Or spray it directly on wet hair to bring out lovely blond hints.


Roman Chamomile hydrolat, also known as Noble Chamomile, is very gently, even more so than its essential oil! Although the latter cannot be used for newborn babies, this is not so for its hydrolat. It is indeed the most favourite hydrolat of mothers and their babies. Anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic and soothing, it is recommended to treat and ease colitis, teething and nappy rash. It is however imperative that it comes from organic agriculture.

  • A few drops in the bath to calm.
  • Tooth ache: spray the hydrolat on the painful area several times a day.

REMINDER: we are talking about HYDROLATE and NOT about using its essential oil for babies.


Once opened, you can keep the hydrolat for 3 to 6 months in the refrigerator, away from light and heat. Given that it is an aqueous environment, the hydrolat is very sensitive to bacterial proliferation. Therefore, when using it, I strongly advise not to touch the opening of the hydrolat with anything foreign so as to keep it pure as long as possible.

Only use quality hydrolats!

Look at the list of ingredients. It is preferable to only find one ingredient: the hydrolat itself!

Avoid any content of alcohol of of preservatives so as to have only a completely pure ingredient without modifications.

Avoid also products containing parabens, GMOs, perfume or a synthetic colorant. The only description you want to see is Chamaemelum nobile, the name of this ancestral flower.

Chose a certified organic product, it will ensure that the plant was grown in an organic fashion, without pesticides or other noxious substances.

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