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    You can find here some accessories. Some ideas for everyone, find also the perfect gifts... You want a specific gift, feel free to contact us, we will arrange this for you. You can also send a personalized message with your gift, just email us.
  • Botanical drops & Bach flowers

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    The botanic drops (also known as flower essences or remedies) are gentle, scent-free botanical extracts. They are tinctures made from flowers, spring water and sunlight. They are then diluted in a homoeopathic type process. It is the essence of the flower, its energy, which contains the therapeutic impulse. Flowers are picked in full bloom and then diluted in pure water.…
  • Carrier Oils

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    Rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, each carrier oil has virtues and properties that are very specific. They are also used as carriers for other active properties such as essential oils. In contrast to moisturisers, they do not bring water to the skin. They form a natural defensive barrier stopping the water contained in the skin cells to evaporate.…
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    Essential oils accessories
  • Essential oils

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    BUY ONLINE YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS IN AUSTRALIA At Pacific Scents, we offer a natural and holistic way to improve your well-being and state of mind. There are few things in life that can calm and relax a person as well as a good quality essential oil. Their gentle aroma bring you closer to nature and help you achieve an inner…
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    Choose natural cosmetics for your skin. They contain no dyes, preservatives, silicone or sulphate. Discover our French brands with natural ingredients, vegan or organic. 
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    Organic make up at affordable price