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Stress-free back to work thanks to essential oil

The holidays are over and you have to get back into the rhythm of work, sport activities, children going to school … An often stressful situation.

For a ‘zen’ return to work and feeling on top of the world you need to remember the toning, comforting and often detoxing benefits of EOs. These will help you concentrate better as well as ensure a good sleep and a relaxed attitude.

Here are 6 Essential Oils who will give you a little boost for a stress-free back to work.

Bergamot to ease the mind

This EO is a sedative of the nervous system and therefore ideal to sweep away stress and look at life positively.

Its delicious smell, at once fresh and relaxing helps fight nervous tension and create positivity.

Scientific research has been carried out by the Italian aromatherapist Professor Paolo Rovesti and he has concluded that Bergamot EO had a calming and anxiolytic effect.

It is happiness in a bottle!

Please note:

  • In large doses: calming
  • In small doses: energizing


recipe Instructions for use:

The simplest method: open the bottle and inhale deeply

But also:

  • For bringing on a good happy mood: put 1 drop of bergamot EO on the inside of your wrists and breathe in.
  • Anti-stress: a few drops of bergamot EO on your handkerchief and inhale as soon as you feel the stress coming. Repeat this several times within the hour.

Petit grain bigarade to fight insomnia

This EO has antispasmodic and anti-stress properties. Well known as a soothing EO, it is often used for issues relating to stress, but also for calming excitement and anxiety linked with insomnia. It is therefore a good EO to use in cases of edginess, sadness, mood changes, sleep problems and anxiety.

recipe Instructions for use:

Diffusion is the ideal route for enjoying this relaxing EO.

But also:

Place 2 drops of the petitgrain EO on the solar plexus and another 2 drops on the internal side of your wrists before going to bed.

True lavender EO to sleep better

When tired or even exhausted, it will have a positive effect on your wellbeing and your sleep. It is one of the best EOs regarding the treatment of sleep problems.

The lavender has the capacity to unwind and relax. It is mostly recommended in cases of anxiety and stress.


recipe Instructions for use:

Rub 2 drops of true lavender EO mixed with a VO on your solar plexus before going to bed.

Rosemary 1.8 cineole, concentration’s best friend

rosemary essential oilIt is known for stimulating both the memory and concentration. Toning, this EO is recommended in cases of intellectual tiredness, burnout or lack of concentration.



recipe Instructions for use:

  1. Mix 1 drop of cineole rosemary EO with 3 drops of VO. Apply on the inside of the wrists and on the solar plexus and breathe deeply.
  2. Diffuse a few drops of cineole rosemary EO in a mixture with other essential oils (lemon, black spruce for example).
  3. In inhalation by inhaling from the bottle to stimulate your memory.


Exotic basil to ensure motivation

Basil EO contains anti-spasmodic properties. It is particularly recommended for people who are anxious as it helps them feel more serene. It allows you to stay in a ‘zen’ mood whatever the situation.Basil essential oil

Use this EO in olfaction for its effects:

  • Energising (by stimulating the nervous system)


  • Tonic and effective in cases of depressive conditions.

Basil EO is reputed as a cure against fear, anxiety, stress, over-sensitivity. Nevertheless, it remains an energizing EO.

recipe Instructions for use:

Place 10 drops maximum in a diffuser.

But also

  • Anxiety: put 5 to 10 drops of basil EO in a diffuser and breathe. You should find that you progressively will feel more at peace.
  • Intellectual exhaustion: A few drops of basil EO on a handkerchief to breathe throughout the day.


Noble laurel / bay leaf to increase self-confidence

bay leafLaurel is a brain stimulant:

  • Used to increase concentration ability and memory
  • Enhances self-confidence especially to those who underestimate their intellectual capacity or who have difficulty in expressing themselves verbally.
  • Claims to help you go beyond your limits.
  • Develops courage to face up to challenges.


recipe Instructions for use:

Apply two drops of laurel EO on the solar plexus, along the spine and/or under the sole of the feet.

But also:

In olfaction, in diffusion and in inhalation.


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