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The 10 benefits of rose floral water used daily

Floral water

Beacon product of natural cosmetics, rose floral water has for many years known a tremendous success. Its virtues are multiple and will allow you to get rid of a great number of composite products containing chemicals that are dangerous for your skin and may contain alcohol.

What is rose floral water?

It is made by distillation: rose petals are heated in distilled water and the water temperature is turned down before the water starts boiling. The vapour is then caught and the mixture when cooled is filtered in order to obtain rose floral water. Its composition is therefore entirely natural.

Pleasingly fragrant, multiplying the benefits to the face, it is also used in the composition of many beauty products such as tonic lotions, make-up cleansers or products for the bath and the shower…

Properties of rose floral water

Rose floral water (or hydrolat) is a true ally of the skin. It will sanitize it, tone it, but also will bring a soothing and wellbeing to stressed skin and help find inner peace.

  1. It cleanses, hydrates and protects your skin deep down

Rose floral water is a natural antibacterial. It has many virtues, among which, the ability to sanitize, smoothening and firming of the skin. In addition, it will give your complexion a healthy glow and you will look younger.

  1. It fights wrinkles very efficiently

This floral water is a product rich in vitamins C and E, vitamins that are antioxidant and fight the action of free radicals in the organism: it will contribute to pushing back the ageing of the skin. This water can also be used to get rid of ugly stretch marks.

  1. It has healing virtues

The floral water can help heal scars more quickly, as well as wounds and acne.

Very respectful of sensitive skin, it is also recommended in cases of acne as it takes care of facial skin problems: it will limit the number of pimples and its antiseptic and healing properties may help prevent unsightly scars. It is however not recommended in the case of rosacea.

Its antibacterial and healing virtues will also show efficacious against mouth sores and skins ulcers.

  1. It is an excellent after-sun care.

After spending a day in the sun, rose floral water will help you in taking care of your skin as it fights the harmful effects of the sun. Vaporise it on all parts of the body that have been exposed to the sun and you will feel an immediate relief.

  1. It can be used as a hair mask

Rose floral water when applied to the hair helps getting rid of impurities and brings up a healthy shine. Massaging the scalp with it will calm irritations and inflammation and also enhance blood circulation to assist hair growth.

  1. It rubs away puffy eyes

If you wake up every morning with puffy eyes, rose floral water will do miracles. Soak some cotton swabs with it and have them kept in a cool place. Place these swabs on your eyes and wait for them to act. A few minutes later, your eyes’ puffiness and the dark circle under your eyes will all but disappear or certainly be much faded.

  1. It fights constipation

If bothered by constipation, add a little rose floral water to your dishes or heat it up and drink it like a herb tea. All your digestive problems should ease.

  1. It soothes headaches

In the case of a slight migraine, soak a rose floral water compress and apply it to your forehead. Let it stay there for a little while and you will feel relieved. If the migraine persists, the problem may be more serious and you will need to see your general practitioner

  1. It will re-boost and destress

The perfume of rose floral water, in addition to being very pleasant and subtle, possesses tonic and rejuvenating properties. When experiencing a slack moment in your day, spray a little on your wrists and before you know you will be feeling great again.

  1. It fades away stains

Applied regularly by pouring some rose floral water on a cotton swab and leaving it to treat a particular stain, it will help making the ungracious stain fade or even disappear.


For whom?

Its soothing, healing and tonic properties suit all types of skin whatever age you are. The interesting fact about a hydrolat as compared to an essential oil is that it has a much lower dosage and as a result is much less likely to provoke allergic reactions.

Risks, precautions and counter-indications: if your skin is hypersensitive, test the rose floral water first on a small part of the body and see if some redness appears. It is probably unlikely, but better safe than sorry…

How to use rose floral water?

Benefits for the skin


man silhouettePour half a litre of rose floral water in your bath and enjoy the glorious sensation of softness and soothing it provides: you will feel more serene and you will have left all unnecessary tension behind.

To improve your body lotion, your mask or your shampoo add a teaspoon of it to the bottle.



sunCrunch up 10 to 15 basil leaves and add them to 200 ml of rose floral water. Refrigerate in a spray bottle.

Spray this mixture on your body after every exposure to the sun and it will soothe your skin perfectly. It will also prevent negative effects of sunburn. It will help in the healing of redness and prevent hot flush eruptions or irritation.


Benefits for the face

You can use this marvellous floral water in either or both of your morning and evening routine.


face maskIn the morning, as a tonic lotion, with a cotton swab or as a spray, it will be an excellent cleanser and purifying agent for your facial skin and it will wake up your facial features. You can then follow it with your normal make-up routine. A few drops of floral water can also be added to your day cream or your hydrating cream.


Every night, as a make-up remover lotion, place on your face a compress soaked with rose floral water mixed with a little argan or sweet almond oil to remove the last specks of make-up and render your skin more tonified.

To optimize its anti-wrinkle power, place your bottle in the refrigerator. The cold temperature will enhance tenfold its stretching effect and you will have a radiant and fresh complexion…


pimplesMix an equal amount of organic lemon juice and rose floral water.

Apply this mixture to the zone affected by acne and let it stay for about a quarter of an hour.

Wash your face with fresh water. This mixture will help in drying the acne and reduce imperfections and scars.


60 ml of rose floral water + 30 ml orange blossom floral water. Spray every morning on your face.


Benefits on your hair


long hair


Brush your hair thoroughly and apply rose floral water on the tips going upwards toward the roots. You can leave this all night and wash your hair the next morning. You can also spray the tips of your hair during the day or add two tablespoons of rose floral water to your shampoo.


How to choose?

As for all hydrolats, make sure that you are buying a product 100% pure. This means that no alcohol has been added and/or any preservative. If it adds ‘organic’ on the label, so much the better.

Where to buy rose floral water?

It is totally possible for you to make your own. All you need is 100 g of rose petals and rose buds (not sprayed) and 25 cl of boiling distilled water (or mineral water). Allow it to infuse for 20 minutes, away from the stove, then filter the mixture (this procedure can also be used for other plants such as peppermint or orange blossom for example). The alternative is to purchase from an organic distributor, in a pharmacy or online. When buying floral water always check that it contains no essential oil.

Conservation mode

The only disadvantage of a hydrolat is that its shelf life is only about 6 months. It must be kept in a cool place once opened.

Say ‘yes’ to rose floral water with your eyes closed… So very natural and combining a multitude of very appreciated properties, it will bring you wellness and freshness and your skin will be amazing.


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