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What are the best essential oils for your hair?

Powerful and valuable, essential oils can also be very helpful in taking care of your hair. Very concentrated, they are extremely beneficial for:

  • have a purified scalp and soothe irritations,
  • eliminate dandruff,
  • have a well-activated blood circulation (faster hair growth),
  • treat damaged or brittle hair,
  • bring strength, brilliance and volume


However Essential oils are not the “miracle” solution, parsimony, regularity and patience are the clues:

• Parsimony: essential oils are to be used in small doses, a few drops are enough. Inquire and be reasonable.

• Regularity: it is with regular use of essential oils that the results will be visible.

• Patience: your hair will not change suddenly. Shine, strength and flexibility will appear little by little.

Special essential oils for scalp and roots

The care of the scalp is essential not to expose to some inconveniences like dandruff or itching. A period of stress, poor hydration or an unbalanced diet can also cause scalp problems. To remedy this, you can trust out tea tree the essential oil. Antibacterial and purifying, it relieves immediately while avoiding the appearance or aggravation of certain diseases of the scalp such as psoriasis.

The dose for hair care: 10 drops of EO for 10 ml of VO


Top 5 essentials oils for hair

Lavender promotes hair regrowth

Studies have shown that lavender EO has stimulating effects on hair growth. Find the study here: it shows a significant increase in the number of hair follicles in female mice during a dermal application. Lavender Fine EO helps maintain the balance of the scalp by its antimicrobial and soothing properties, it also fights against the appearance of dandruff.

Do not forget its action on stress, that can contribute to the loss of hair or cause itching. We add a few drops to our preparations to reduce anxiety

Rosemary stimulates hair growth

Rosemary Cineole has the power to wrap your hair, it tightens their scales. The benefits of rosemary EO includes preventing baldness, slowing down the greying process and treating dandruff and dry scalp, this is one of the most important essential oils to possess if you want to thicken and increase the growth of your hair. It is used to improve cell metabolism, which stimulates hair growth and promotes healing. Research even shows that rosemary oil seems to work as well as one of the most used treatments in case of hair loss.


pen The recipe

  • 5 drops of HE in 5 drops of HV
  • Massage this mixture directly onto the scalp for about two minutes.
  • Leave for 3 to 4 hours in the hair, then wash your hair as usual.


Cedarwood oil against dandruff

Cedarwood EO is used to:

  • promote hair growth
  • slow down hair loss
  • its bactericidal and antifungal properties
  • stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, it is a powerful venous decongestant

Finally, the essential oil of Cedarwood Atlas is ideal for fighting dandruff due to excess sebum on the scalp: it promotes the breakdown of fat. It will help reduce the excessive amounts of sebum present in the scalp and prevent the formation of dandruff


A study that was conducted in Scotland. During the experiment, the scalp is massaged daily with a combination of cedarwood oils, thyme, rosemary, lavender, jojoba oils and grape seed oil. After 7 months, it turned out that 44% of the patients had an improvement in the symptoms of hair loss. Cedarwood can be applied locally to the scalp. It mixes well with sweet oils like lavender and carrier oils like coconut oil.

Lemongrass oil regulates sebum

Lemongrass essential oil has anti-dandruff properties and is ideal for restoring shine to your hair

It is ideal:

– for normal and mix color hair because it helps regulate sebum to make your hair not dry or oily

-for white hair that tends to be more fragile than others and that it will strengthen Finally, it will bring a delicate slightly lemony scent to give a touch of freshness to your hair.

A study conducted in 2015 found that the application of lemongrass oil significantly reduced dandruff after seven days.

Chamomile to lighten blond

The results in a study (here) indicate that >50% females dye their hair and they had observed adverse reactions in 42%. Conventional hair products that are used to lighten hair contain dangerous chemicals (hydroxide peroxide or formaldehyde) that can cause many health risks.

Chamomile oil protects your hair against external aggressions, its cleansing properties


pen the recipe

  • 5 drops of chamomile
  • A tablespoon of sea salt
  • 60g of baking soda.
  • Warm water to create a kind of a paste

Apply this mixture as a mask on your hair. Massage it to the scalp and the base of your hair, then let it sit for about half an hour before rinsing.

Some recipes to have beautiful hair


Special Shampoo for greasy hair

✱ which essential oils? ylang-ylang purifying and rosemary 1,8 cineole, balancing.

penThe recipe :

  • 1 drop of each of these 2 HE in a walnut of your usual shampoo
  • Massage tour scalp well
  • Leave for 3 minutes
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly


Dry hair mask

✱ Which essential oil ? sandalwood which is nourishing.

penthe recipe

-1 drop of sandalwood essential oil in a tablespoon of jojoba HV (adopt the dose your need)

-Apply well on the lenghts

-Leave for half an hour.

-Rince then apply the shampoo.

Fall arrest preparation

✱ which essential oil ? linalool thyme and rosemary 1,8 cineole because they revitalize the hair from the root, strengthen and limit their fall


penThe recipe

  • 4 drop of essential oil (2 drop of each oil) in 4 tablespoons of neutral oil
  • Apply this preparation on your whole scale with emphasis
  • Massage well
  • Keep this poultice all night
  • Wash your hair the next morning


Dandruff treatment

✱ which essential oil ? cedar and tea tree sanitize the scalp

penThe recipe.

  • 1 drop of cedarwood + 1 drop of tea tree in 30 ml of HV
  • Mix well
  • Apply a small amount on the root each day

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