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Tooth decay and sore mouth

Your mouth is the entry point to a permanent breeding ground for bacteria. Everyone is therefore keen to take good care of ones’ teeth and keeping a perfect hygiene of the mouth. The regular use of EO allows to limit unpleasant visits to the dentist. The products used by dentists are very often made from the same phyto-actives, natural or synthetic!


tooth decay


These little “cavities” are damaged areas that are irreparable. Bacteria present in the mouth associated with sugary drinks and a poor tooth cleaning habit, attack the teeth and cause decay.

Dental caries then evolves and is the origin of toothache that can become more and more painful if not treated. It may eventually develop into an abscess.

1- TEA TREE: add a drop on your toothpaste once a week. Its antibacterial and antifungal virtues make it the perfect natural antiseptic for your mouth.


2- CLOVE: Dental anesthetising and anti-infectious. When eugenol is mixed with zinc oxide powder, it becomes an EO that will act like a dressing, albeit for only a short time, but it will soothe the tooth in the case of deep decay. It is also used to seal the roots of devitalized teeth, transforming these into a paste.


recipesTOOTH DECAY IN ADULT ( D. Baudoux )

Usage: 2 drops applied locally on the decayed tooth (with a cotton bud) and 2 drops on the cheek next to the painful tooth 3 to 4 times a day



It is an inflammation of the gums. The main cause is an accumulation of bacteria resulting from poor mouth hygiene. It can be diagnosed easily as it causes bleeding when brushing or swelling of the gums. If not treated, it can become much more serious and lead to parodont (it will eventually result in tooth loss)


recipesSpecial gum mouth bath:

Fill in the rest of the bottle with 50 ml of sesame oil. Spit and don’t rinse.



Often the result of a poorly treated decayed tooth, an abscess is caused by the accumulation of puss linked to an infection. It is located at the level of a tooth or on the gum and causes a severe pain that can be accompanied by fatigue and fever.

While waiting to see a dentist, here is something to help you in the meantime: apply a small ice bag or pocket wrapped in a clean cloth directly onto the abscess (maximum of 10 minutes at one time).


tooth decay



recipesDENTAL ABSCESS ( D. Baudoux)

Usage: 2 drops of this mixture 3 times a day applied locally on the abscess


Toothache special home recipe using EO: 1ml clove + 2ml tea tree + 2ml noble laurel + 1ml peppermint. Massage with a few drops of this mixture in the painful area (canker sore, caries, abscess) 4 to 6 times a day for 2 to 3 days.

Anti-canker sore home recipe: Dilute 2 drops of noble laurel EO in 4 drops of VO. Using a cotton bud, baste the canker sore several times a day.

If your mouth problems persist or become too severe, make an appointment with your dentist without delay.

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