The Top 5 Essential Oils for oily skin

oily skin


Essential oils for your oily skin, I am about to list have been chosen for two principal qualities: their power to regulate the production of sebum and their antibacterial properties.

Sebum regulating essential oils

To help regulate skins that have a tendency to produce too much sebum, the essential oils to choose are petit grain sour orange (beware of the sun because it is sun sensitive) and ylang-ylang.

Antibacterial essential oils

Because oily skins are often subject to skin imperfections, it is strongly advised to associate these regulating essential oils, antibacterial essential oils such as tea tree, patchouli and palmarosa.
These essential oils are not only purifying but they also allow the skin to heal more rapidly if affected by scratched or infected pimples.


How should you use these essential oils for oily skin?

Several solutions are possible in order to make the most of these essential oils and their properties.


1) In your face cream
The simplest method and the most widespread is probably to add just a drop of essential oil in your daily moisturiser. Put a little cream in the palm of your hand, let one drop of essential oil drip on top, mix it with your finger and apply over your entire face, avoiding the proximity of your eyes (it would sting…).
If you wish to use more than one essential oil (and that is my advice), you should prepare your little mixture in advance and keep it in an opaque bottle. Then, instead of using your essential oil like in the first example, you will put a drop of your mixture in your daily dose of moisturiser.


2) In a homemade treatment oil
If you wish a totally natural care product, you can prepare a treatment oil for oily skin in a vegetable oil base that is non-comedogenic (it will not clog the pores of your skin: avocado, argan, jojoba for example) and antibacterial essential oils that regulate sebum production.

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