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Which essential oils this autumn?

You don’t like autumn? You are dreading the approaching winter?

In inhalation, by massage or orally, essential oils are a health asset to get through autumn, this transitory period when the morale and our immunity can be compromised.

Here is the indispensable toolkit to blow away the blues.

The essential oils used against fatigue and asthenia

black spruce illustrationThe anti-fatigue EO: black spruce (Picea mariana)

It is probably the most suitable EO for autumn and its declining energy. It is the queen for fighting physical and mental fatigue:

  • From a physical point, it gives a kickstart to the organism
  • From an intellectual point, it stimulates both concentration and memory

Black spruce EO is « cortisone-like » (like our cortisone): it possesses a powerful tonic and regenerating action on the nervous system.

RECIPE: 10 drops of black spruce EO in 10 ml VO.

Apply two drops of this mixture on the base of the spine (where we stock our vital energy) and on the solar plexus, in the morning after your shower and at lunch-time, for 10 successive days.

savory illustration

Mountain savoury EO

Its invigorating properties soothe intellectual fatigue and it is also a powerful anti-infectious EO that protects us from respiratory and digestive viruses, the ones that are often around in autumn.

RECIPE: 2 drops on a tissue or such like and breathe in.


Ravintsara EO (Cinnamomum camphora)

It protects us from viral infections (head cold, flu, sore throat, laryngitis, sinusitis) as well as from seasonal gastro-enteritis. Acting as a tonic, it stimulates the central nervous system and helps us to remain is a positive frame of mind.

RECIPE: In diffusion

peppermint essential oil

The « whiplash » EO: peppermint (Mentha x piperita)

Very stimulating, peppermint will help us fight a lowering of our regimen and at the same time protect us from attention deficit problems. Used in olfaction it will immediately stimulate us because of its refreshing and stimulating properties and the menthol it contains.

RECIPE: just breathe in from the open bottle, calmly and deeply before going off. Avoid contact with the skin.

Peppermint is not suitable for young children or pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

Citruses EO to see life through rose-coloured glasses

« When the days get shorter, my morale sinks. »

With the arrival of autumn, our biological rhythm is perturbed. For some of us, this can mean sleepless nights, extreme fatigue or passing low spirits.


The symptoms of seasonal depression vary sleeplessness or insomnia, intense fatigue… Add to that irritability and a certain nostalgia. Here are some suggestions that may help you:

  • Go out in the sunlight to settle your mood: find the smallest of reason in autumn and winter to go out in the sunlight.
  • If your morale is low or you feel fatigued, think of a course of magnesium or essential fatty acids omega 3

Aromatherapy is ideal to blow away or at least ease seasonal depression because it brings a feeling of relaxation to the body and mind. The result is a general feeling of wellbeing through the day and a restorative sleep at night.

Yellow mandarin, sweet orange (Neroli), petitgrain bitter orange, lemon or grapefruit… citruses bring us a touch of softness and vitality which is lacking when we are on our way towards winter. The citruses EO are anti-spasmodic and relaxing. They allow us to fight seasonal depression while offering an anti-bacterial action. This is particularly so for lemon EO. A 20 minutes diffusion in the morning and when coming home from work is enough. Preferably, a cold diffuser such as one that diffuses EO by micro-diffusion.

Mandarin is the most sedative of the essential oils. A drop applied to the wrist at night-time and breathed in deeply before lying down is very beneficial. (Be aware that for children from the age of three onwards, you need to dilute mandarin EO in 50% VO and then use it to massage the feet).

Grapefruit is also an EO to use to boost the mood: two or three drops of this essence in your shower gel or in your neutral shampoo in the morning will give you the motivation to grab the day.

ylang ylang

A separate oil: Ylang Ylang EO:

This little touch of exoticism, exhilarating in the heart of autumn is excellent to fight physical, intellectual or sexual fatigue. Comforting, nothing beats it to fight stress, anxiety or insomnia.

Strengthening your immune system

Viruses are not far away from what they bring in the form of illnesses that plague us in winter. Strengthening our immune system becomes imperative. To protect us against certain illnesses, such as respiratory illnesses, or how to avoid them altogether. Read the following article here

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